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Syrasoft Internet Manager (SIM)



Welcome to the online documentation for Syrasoft Internet Manager (SIM). This documentation will help you to install and configure SIM to give your customers the ability to rent/reserve units as well as view and pay their balance online.


SIM Setup - Embedded or Stand-alone Website

SIM can be configured to be a full stand-alone website that you link to from your website, or SIM can be embedded directly into your website. 

Embedded vs Full

Embedded Full
  1. Can be embedded into an existing website using an iFrame
  2. Keeps your customers on your actual website to use SIM
  3. See this page for the links needed to Embed SIM pages with iFrames.
  1. SIM can run as a full website that you can link to from your website.
    1. Example here.
  2. This is a standard template that has been created
    1. You can turn features on and off easily without having to bring in a web developer.
  3. This can be customized easily with your logo and color scheme.
  4. If you choose to go this route you will still be able to register a domain name and link it to the full page
    1. (e.g instead of
    2. More on this here: Redirect Primary Domain Name to SIM


SIM Settings Login

Use your login information to access the SIM Settings page (


SIM Customization

Once SIM is running you can configure the appearance and text that is displayed. Please follow the instructions on the pages below to configure the appearance of SIM and change the text that is displayed

You can add new users, reset passwords and revert to default settings by visiting the SIM Tools page. Follow the instructions on the page below to utilize SIM Tools.


Install Components at Facility

Follow the instructions at the follow page for enabling your data to be accessed through SIM and EHub.

Configure Facility for SIM and EHub